Market Day

Here in France, Sunday’s are market days. So this morning Vlad and I woke up at 7:45 am to accompany Vlad’s dad, Michel, to the market of Tournefeuille. Most of the people there were older French people with their shopping bags who had been going to the Marché their whole lives, so I really stood out taking pictures of everything.

If bread and cheese are very French, la charcuterie (assorted dried meats) is extremely French. Michel explained that the meat has the long, winding shape because in the old days people mixed the meat in animal intestines. Nowadays it’s done by machine, but they kept the shape because the meat dries faster. (Note the cute pig on the right!)

The baker was quite amused by me taking pictures of his bread. Michel told him I am visiting from the US and he said, in English, “Ah, welcome to France then!”. As he was cutting the round loaf a piece of crust fell off and he gallantly offered it to me with a bow. How charming!

I expected the market to be mainly fruit and vegetable stands, but I was really surprised by the variety of things you can buy. Not just the variety of food, but there was also clothing, purses, baskets, tupperware, etc.

Michel buys flowers every Sunday from the market for Vlad’s mom, Liliana. Awwwww.

So that was my day at the market! I may not be going back since Michel likes to go at the crack of dawn, but it was a good experience and I loved seeing the fresh produce offered straight from the vendors themselves.

Tomorrow is the first day of my internship, wish me luck!


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6 Responses to Market Day

  1. Federico says:

    Good luck for the beginning of the internship 😀 I am glad you like markets! You should take a look at Sicilian ones (it almost feels like being in an Arabic country) 😀

  2. ifiwereartemis says:

    I could really get my nom on with all those beautiful loaves of bread everywhere. Is it cold? It looks like people are bundled up. Look at you blogging like a pro! Keep it up!

    • Yes it is actually really cold now! Especially that early in the morning it was freezing. But everyone assures me it is very out of season and it should get warm again soon. I hope so!!

  3. Carina says:

    All the best, Emily! Enjoy this new adventure.

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