Cow Parade

Curious about my header image? It is the Capitol building of Toulouse, and the plaza surrounding it, Place du Capitole, is the main square and heart of the city.

Place du Capitole

On Saturday, Place du Capitole was the first place I visited, and I couldn’t help but notice statues of painted cows everywhere. I thought this exhibition was a local event, but it turns out it was Cow Parade, the largest public art event in the world! Basically, a city is chosen, cows are painted by local artists, displayed, and then auctioned off to raise money for charitable organizations. Cow Parade has happened in over 75 cities and everyone from Oprah Winfrey to Elton John have bought cows!

After exploring more of Toulouse, Vlad and I returned to Place du Capitole in the evening to enjoy an ice cream and people watch, my favorite hobby.

The ice cream was delicious and the perfect ending to a wonderful day!


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5 Responses to Cow Parade

  1. Mom says:

    This reminds me of the painted pigs we saw scattered around Bath, England a few years ago.
    Please include some pictures of you at various sights…I want to see your pretty, smiling face!

  2. Maureen Krivo says:

    Cool cows! Apparently the Cow Parade was in Atlanta back in 2003. The ice cream looks wonderful! 🙂

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