Small Differences

Disclaimer: This cultural difference is very small and barely worth mentioning. However I’m confronted with it every meal, so I notice it repeatedly throughout the day. Some of you may not find this interesting.

It’s the small differences between what you are used to and what you are confronted with that really make you feel that you are in a different place. If you were in Namibia with all your usual things, you would not feel as out of place as you would being in Namibia surrounded by Namibian things. So here is the small little French thing that reminds me every meal time that I am not at home:

In the US we drink out of what I consider to be a normal size drinking glass.

For your reference: My idea of a normal size drinking glass.

However in France, at home, in restaraunts, anywhere I have seen glasses being used, they use these small little half glasses, and keep a pitcher of water on the table.

Again, for your reference: a small glass.

Not only do they use these small glasses, they fill them up with about an inch of water at a time. For someone like me who is used to drinking a lot of water, you have to refill your glass approximately 532 times a meal. It’s actually more like 8 or 9, but that’s still a lot! (And that’s even with me pouring more than an inch of water. Yes that’s right, I break the one inch rule.) In fact I pretty much have to refill my glass after every other sip. French people must be like camels because everyone else seems to refill their glass only about 3 times a meal. Meanwhile, I look like the very thirsty foreigner.

So there you have it, that is the very small difference that is my constant reminder that I am away from home.


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10 Responses to Small Differences

  1. Vladimir says:

    Well, it’s true that our glasses are pretty small here – everything is small actually -, but you can always use your GT glass! 😀

  2. Papa says:

    DRink from the pitcher

  3. Jeff Webb says:

    i will send the GT glass for you to carry always, and i agree with papa… good solution.

  4. Lady Jennie says:

    That is so true!! I barely notice it anymore, but it is so true.

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