Getting There (St. Cirq)

This weekend was wonderful! St. Cirq-Lapopie and Rocamadour are both beautiful and must-see’s for anyone in the southwest, but for me, riding through the charming French countryside was wonderful in itself and almost worth the whole trip.

When we left Toulouse Saturday morning the skies were gray and overcast, and the highway around Toulouse is less than inspiring.

Not the best start to the trip.

Soon, however, the sun began to come out and landscape stretched out before us.

I loved riding through the French countryside. The rolling hills in every direction, covered with fields of corn and sunflowers, tiny towns dotting the hills and valleys, the steeple of the town church always the highest point in view; I quickly began to see the allure of the south of France.

We soon turned off the larger highways and onto the smaller departmental routes.

On these roads we passed through towns that were little more than a collection of 5-10 houses by the roadside, most made of stone with light blue or green shutters and geraniums under the windows. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of the tiny houses with pretty windows because these towns took all of 20 seconds to fly past. By the time I said “Oh how pretty!” we had already made it through the town. I do however have a picture of one of the “bigger” towns, which had a church and a town hall.

It was so amusing to compare these small towns (much smaller than the one above), which surely haven’t changed since the Middle Ages, with Paris, home of the avant-garde. I can imagine all the expos that take place in Paris every year, showcasing the newest in fashion, art, technology and design, whereas in these tiny towns there has been nothing new to see in centuries, save the addition of a paved road.

Eventually the road began climbing higher, the hills turned into cliffs and mountains, and the Lot river valley came into view.

Soon after taking this picture, we turned a corner, and came upon St. Cirq-Lapopie, nestled quietly but proudly in the crevice of a mountain.


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2 Responses to Getting There (St. Cirq)

  1. Jeff Webb says:

    WOW just WOW!!! amazing scenery. i know that was a great weekend. BUT… the food… what about the food???

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