A Weekend in Paris – Day 2

Following the rainy and cold first day, my second day in Paris the weather was perfect, undoubtedly a reward for my unshakable admiration the first day, despite my inner misery. We went back and saw everything I saw the first day so I could truly enjoy it, then continued wandering down the Seine. We started out at Vlad’s apartment right by the Eiffel Tower, went down the Seine towards Notre Dame, then went to the Pantheon, and in the evening we met my mom and Scott in Montmartre for dinner. All the pictures are in the order that I took them.

Pont Alexandre III and Les Invalides

So much better than the view in the rain

One couple of many that we saw!

Place de la Concorde

Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre

Some old French guy asleep in the park 😉

A small section of the Louvre. The building itself is a work of art!

Pictures never show that around the glass pyramid are triangular shaped fountains that you walk through. This was a pleasant surprise for me!

Down the Seine to Notre Dame

I had to do some real acrobatics to get this shot.

The Latin Quarter

I don’t actually have any pictures of the Latin Quarter (so called because it is the home of many universities, and during the Middle Ages university students spoke Latin to each other), Vlad and I just popped over to have lunch, but I had to tell this little story. After lunch my throat was a bit sore and I was really craving something hot, particularly hot chocolate. We saw an Italian dessert place that advertised hot chocolate, so we went, thinking we had hit the jackpot. I ordered hot chocolate and went to wait at my seat. This is what they brought me:

Literal. Hot. Chocolate. As in, chocolate that was hot. I felt duped, and at the same time naive. I mean I did order hot chocolate. (I felt like Spongebob: “I didn’t know that being a lifeguard meant actually guarding lives.” Yes I quoted Spongebob on my blog.) It was like drinking chocolate syrup; I couldn’t finish. Vlad translated my disappointment to the waitress, who informed us that that is how hot chocolate is in Italy. So anyways, that is my little Latin Quarter story. Never order hot chocolate there (or in Italy) unless you really want a big mug of melted chocolate.

The Pantheon 

“To the great men, the country is grateful”

View from the Pantheon. That’s the Eiffel Tower at the end.

Behind the Pantheon is a church, which sadly is overshadowed by the Pantheon, but is truly beautiful.

Dedicated to St Genevieve, the Patron Saint of Paris

We went inside and walked straight into a wedding! No one told us to leave, so we stood in the back and listened to a few minutes of the ceremony!

Jardin du Luxembourg

A tribute to actors, with the Pantheon in the background


My only picture of Montmartre, sorry! We ended the day there for dinner at a wonderful little restaurant.

Although I only had one day in Paris I think I saw a lot. You can see why I love it so much, it is indescribably beautiful!


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