Our Anniversary

So remember when I said Vlad and I were going to do something cute for our anniversary? Well I’ll just tell you what we were going to do.

You may have heard of the tradition where couples attach a lock to the Pont des Beaux Arts in Paris, and then throw the lock into the Seine.

Well I decided I wanted to do that.

And then I changed my mind.

I decided that that tradition had become too touristy to have any real meaning. Besides, I didn’t want our lock to be cut off and thrown away along with the locks of all the other couples who had probably broken up by now.

There are hundreds

I then decided it would be better to take our lock and keys to St. Cirq with us and throw the keys into the River Lot. After all we were there during our anniversary weekend. (Note that during all of this mind-changing, Vlad’s response was always “Ok, good idea.” He’s the best.)

But, in true Emily and Vladimir fashion, we totally forgot the lock and keys on our trip to St. Cirq.

Our cute little lock

Get it? E + V = ❤
The heart is made from our initials

So then it looked like we would have to throw the keys into the Seine after all. I was a bit disappointed, for whatever silly reason I had. Vlad reassured me, “Trust me, when you’re in Paris, and the sun sets on the Seine and the Eiffel Tower lights up, you’ll feel differently.”

He was right.

It was awesome.

So now the keys are somewhere in the Seine, and we get to keep our little lock! The perfect outcome.


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