Port Leucate

The beach I went to this weekend is called Port Leucate (Poor Lew-Cot), a small community on the Mediterranean about an hour from the Spanish border.

The view from the patio

Being close to the Spanish border means the town is also close to the Pyrénées Mountains (the mountain range dividing Spain and France). When the weather is clear the mountains dominate the skyline, but of course, it was cloudy while I was there. You can still see the mountains in the distance in these pictures.

As you can imagine, being so close to a mountain range, the coast close to the border has many cliffs. Port Leucate has one too, and we went to the top for some amazing views.

You can see the cliff in the hazy distance

Port Leucate from the cliff

Even on an overcast day, the water is so clear you can see to the bottom from the top of the cliff.

Back in the day, people used to live on top of the cliff. Why you would want to walk on sharp rocks and worry about being blown off all day is beyond me (the wind is strong up there), but it was the lack of fresh water that eventually led to the abandonment of the houses.

One advantage of living on the cliff is there is certainly no lack of stones with which to build. Fences that no longer define anything criss-cross the sloping back of the cliff.

The ruins give an eerie feeling to the cliff.

Port Leucate is situated on a strip of land between the sea and a bay. The bay is filled with oysters (and flamingos! no pictures of them unfortunately) and you can buy oysters straight from the bay at the equivalent of an oyster strip mall.

Each restaurant has their own oyster boat in the back

There’s also a nudist colony! Don’t worry, the high fence keeps ’em in.

Port Leucate is part of the bigger, and older, Leucate community.

Colorful Leucate

Port Leucate gets its name from, what else, its port.

Vlad’s dad even has a sailboat there, but since my mom, Vlad and I don’t know how to sail a sailboat, we didn’t go on it.

And that, my friends, is the tour of Port Leucate. More pictures from the French (and Spanish) coast to come.




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4 Responses to Port Leucate

  1. Vladimir says:

    Every time I see the Pyrénées mountains, this is what I am thinking about:

    “The Truth on this side of the Pyrénées, error on the other…” Pascal.

    Otherwise, we had such a wonderful week-end!!!

  2. Jeef Webb says:

    looks very nice. how was the weather? i notice you’re wearing a jacket in one photo on the cliff. i assume it was a little chilly? it looks like a very nice trip. thanks for sharing…

    • emilytoulouse says:

      It was actually overcast the whole time I was in Port Leucate. It wasn’t that cold, but very windy, so me being always cold I had to wear a jacket. Jeef…

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