After the brief interruption by my birthday weekend in Paris, I have to finish telling you about my trip to the Mediterranean 2 weekends ago (which already seems so long ago, where does the time go?).

After leaving Portbou, Spain, we drove back up the French coast and stopped in one of the first towns in France (it’s the 4th past the border, to be exact): Collioure.

Collioure is famous for having an ancient port and a fortress to guard it.

Collioure is well known for its anchovies. They’re apparently so delicious that there’s a saying in French to describe someone who’s lucky: “avoir le cul farci aux anchois de Collioure” (Literally: having your @$$ stuffed with Collioure anchovies). I’m not sure why having anchovies in that particular location would make you lucky; the French have a weird relationship with food.

Other than anchovies, Collioure is also well known for being a real artsy fartsy kinda town. Back in the day, Derain, Matisse and Picasso, whose works I recently saw at the Musee de L’Orangerie, painted here. The town is still filled with artists and art exhibitions.

Perhaps Collioure is such an inspiration for artists because it is so colorful!

What I’ll best remember Collioure by, however, is its picturesque setting, perched above the sea.


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4 Responses to Collioure

  1. Mom says:

    Pictures are great! Glad we had a sunny day for our grand adventure.

    • emilytoulouse says:

      One of the few sunny days haha. Glad you’re back to commenting on my blog 🙂 Maybe at home the pictures will load more easily

  2. Jeff Webb says:

    whoa… every time i think well, that’s as good as it gets, you post more even more beautiful photos. i love this place. it is everything you could hope a small french village could be. and the adventure continues. i don’t care if you were shining shoes for an internship this is AWESOME!!!

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