Churches of Toulouse Pt 3

The other day on the way to the Jardin des Plantes of Toulouse, my mom and I ran into Église Saint-Exupère. What first caught our eye was its touching monument to the parishioners who died in WW1.

Every church in France has at least a plaque dedicated to the poor boys of the church who gave their lives for France, but this church’s monument was particularly beautiful. I love the sunlight illuminating the soldier’s face.

Only after stopping to admire the small monument did we see the church behind it.

The trademark pink and white doorways that I love so much.

The church is named after Saint Exuperius, a bishop of Toulouse in the 400’s. He completed the basilica of Saint Sernin and was known for his generosity. He donated to monks in Palestine, Egypt, and Libya and even sold the altar vessels of his church to support the poor of his diocese. (The right idea.)

The organ

“Yahweh” in Hebrew

Around the altar there are paintings of famous Biblical characters.

Isaiah’s lips anointed with fire

Moses and the 10 Commandments

Daniel in the Lion’s Den

The church was quite dark, but I loved how the light fell across this particular pieta.

From the monument outside, to the pieta above, to the final statue below, the church had very touching sculptures which portrayed human emotion so well.


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3 Responses to Churches of Toulouse Pt 3

  1. Mom says:

    Emily, I love re-living our trip through your blog. Your beautiful pictures and thoughtful commentary return me to each place with as much awe as our initial discovery. Thanks!

  2. Mom says:

    Regarding the monuments to the fallen sons of France, it was always so sad to see so many last names with more than one son’s name inscribed.

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