Musée des Augustins

The Musée des Augustins is a beautiful art museum in Toulouse which just so happens to be located in an old convent built in 1309.

Following the Revolution, the convent was secularized and turned into a museum in 1795, making it one of the oldest museums in France after the Louvre.

They have a large collection of Medieval religious sculptures rescued from churches that were being destroyed or torn down in the 1800’s.

A knight was buried in this!

Past the first chamber, you enter the old sanctuary.

I admired this relief for quite some time; the way the movement
and draping of the fabric is portrayed in stone is so impressive.

The smaller rooms are dedicated to a particular subject, such as the top of Corinthian columns (each one different)

or Medieval script.

After completing the ground level, you move upstairs through my favorite part of the museum: a red brick and white marble staircase housing more Classical sculptures.

You are greeted by a very imposing figure.

The Nightmare

The Return

Upstairs is a modern style gallery filled with large paintings (and completely random horse outfits designed this year. This is one of those instances when mixing modern art with classical art does not work).

The death of Cleopatra

My only complaint is that the spotlights were so bright they produced a huge glare and it was difficult to get a clear view of the paintings at the very top.

If you are in Toulouse you must go to the Musée des Augustins. It has everything: sculptures, paintings, Medieval, Renaissance, modern, and everything in a building which is a work of art itself.


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2 Responses to Musée des Augustins

  1. Jeff Webb says:

    again… WOW… i am in sensory overload!!! the history, art and edifices… too much for my feeble mind 🙂

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