Sweet Tooth

This post could alternatively be titled “Why I’m Going to Get Fat in France.”

I’ve never had a sweet tooth, I’m not a big chocolate fan, and I’ve never eaten a lot of candy. A candy bar can sit on my desks for literally months without me touching it. A tiny bit of sugar is enough for me. But here in France I’ve developed a huge sweet tooth.

Can you guess why?

That’s right, the culprit is Nutella. More precisely, crêpes au nutella. They’re just so darn good. And they’re everywhere! You can’t walk one block without seeing a crêpes stand.

Eating crêpe au nutella in Carcassonne

Eating crêpe au nutella outside St Germain des Pres

Eating crêpe au nutella in Montmartre.

I have a serious problem.

But Nutella is just so much better than chocolate. In fact, I probably wouldn’t be able to eat a crêpe au chocolat, that would be too much chocolate for me. But the flavor of Nutella isn’t overwhelming like chocolate because it’s made from nuts. And nuts are healthy.

Now, to add to the “problem”, Vlad’s Romanian grandmother is here for the winter (it’s too cold in Romania) and she loves to make little dessert things. Everyday this week I’ve come home from work to find her in the kitchen fixing something delicious. Yesterday I was greeted with, what else, a big plate of fresh crêpes and a jar of Nutella.

The worst thing about crêpes is that they always leave you wanting more. More Nutella-y goodness wrapped up in a warm crêpe. But when you have a plate of 8 fresh crêpes in front of you, that’s not really a problem. So I ate 4.

Today I came home to my favorite Romanian dessert: turtă. It’s kind of like a pancake, but fluffier and sweeter. And you eat it with Nutella! In addition to the turtă, there were the equivalent of cheese filled empanadas. I have no idea the correct Romanian spelling, but it’s called brinzoiche (that’s my phonetic rendering of Romanian. Rest assured Vlad will correct me later), after the Romanian word for cheese brînză.

Round: turtă – Half moon: brinzoiche

After eating 3 turtă and 4 brinzoiche, I faced a dilemna. Imagine, if you will, a cartoon devil and cartoon angel sitting on my shoulders whispering into my ear.

“You’ve had enough, you feel good now, there’s no need to eat anymore.”

“But they’re sooo good. One more couldn’t hurt.”

“But the last time you ate turtă you promised yourself you would never eat that many again!”

“But they’re only good when they’re hot!” (Actually I think that was Liliana’s voice.)

So I ate another. And I don’t regret it! And I will continue not regretting it the rest of my trip. When else am I going to be able to eat such deliciousness every day?


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6 Responses to Sweet Tooth

  1. Vladimir says:

    Your post is so adorable mon ange! And the conversation between the cartoon angel and the cartoon devil is so funny! 😀
    But yes, my grandmother’s crêpes and romanian pastries are so good, I cannot wait to eat them! It’s been around 18 months I had none of them! But this week-end will be the end of the waiting 🙂

  2. Eri Berry says:

    Nutella @___@

    Now, I am more motivated to make efforts to go to France! I have a sweet tooth. ( ._.)

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  4. LaVagabonde says:

    I was just thinking of “crêpes nutella banane” last night. I can find nutella and bananas here, but no crêpes! When I go to France, it’s to eat.

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