Oh Say Can You See

What do you do when you’re an American living in Toulouse on election night? Well you go to Election Night Festivities of course! It’s an event put on every election year by various associations and because of my internship I was invited. Here are some pics from the night!

Because of the participation of the US Consulate, and in the spirit of fairness, the event is as bi-partisan as possible.

The main amphitheater of the Toulouse Business School

The main organizers. (The guy in the cowboy hat is my boss.)

The US Consul gave a presentation on the Electoral College (very confusing for French people) and gave a wonderful intro speech. She mentioned in the speech that democracy has 2 components, the 2nd of which everyone forgets: the will of the majority, and respect for the minority.

There were debates throughout the night by student debate groups on various topics, such as capital punishment for example.

There was also a “Town Hall” round table meeting where different experts answered  questions. Finding Republicans to participate was difficult, so 2 had to be skyped in or called by phone. The wonders of technology.

In the cafeteria there were different stands and even a Jazz Band!

The lovely Arlette of Democrats Abroad

To highlight a popular aspect of American culture, and to give me a break from politics, a Gospel group came! I’ve been to another Gospel concert in France, and let me tell you, French people LOVE Gospel. The students around me sang along to every song and were even shouting requests.

It’s blurry, but I think it captures the fun that was had by all.

Needless to say, they brought the house down. And that’s a great way to spend an Election Night!

*As I am writing this I do not yet know who will be the next President. Please know that any negative political comments are not welcome and will be deleted. You know who you are…


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3 Responses to Oh Say Can You See

  1. jeff webb says:

    yes, i know who i am. looks like a GREAT night!!!

  2. jeff webb says:

    good blog on the event… loved hearing about it. p.s. i know who the “other” person is 😉

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