The Age Old Question

In this post I’m going to tackle the age old question – are croissants bread?

It all started like this: I’m in Paris this weekend, and every time I’m in Paris Vlad goes to the neighborhood boulangerie across the street to buy me breakfast. How chivalrous.

As I was happily munching away this morning on my croissants and nutella, I quite without thinking let the word “bread” slip from my mouth. That’s when it all started.

Vlad: You really need to stop saying that, it’s so redneck. Croissants aren’t bread.

Me: Then what are they?

Vlad: Croissants.

Me: That’s like saying “Bananas aren’t fruit, they’re bananas.”

Vlad: Not at all. Croissants are pastries, and pastries are not bread.

Me: Pastries are a type of bread.

This discussion was about to continue on and on without end when it was stopped short by an email. The email.

Me: OH MY GOSH I’m going to be Freshly Pressed!!

This fortuitous email averted a possible “dispute” about croissants (The joys of dating a French guy. But not really, we never fight. Although even as I am writing this Vlad is still insisting “60 million Frenchmen would never call croissants bread, so you can write whatever you want.”)

So anyways, all this to say, if you were brought here by Freshly Pressed, welcome. And perhaps before you leave you could leave me a comment and help us settle this burning question (which Vlad is still insisting is NOT a question): Are croissants bread or not?


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18 Responses to The Age Old Question

  1. Covetotop says:

    Your blog is really nice, interesting, wonderful, outstanding … but croissants aren’t bread 😉
    Congrats for being freshly pressed: You deserve it!!

  2. Vladimir says:

    Congratulations for being freshly pressed as well!
    However, as I was saying, croissants are not bread indeed. Croissants belong to the family of “pastries” (croissants, paint au chocolat, brioche…), bread simply belongs to the “bread family”. It’s not because croissants and bread are made with more or less the same ingredients that they are similar. 😉 Bread, by definition in France, is something to accompany the meal. In the Middle-Ages, people would have big slices of bread, using them as the plates! Yet, croissants are a dessert or, rather, a sweet breakfast.
    Pretending croissants are bread is like pretending peanut butter is jelly. 😀

  3. jeff webb says:

    whatever the case i LOVE the repartee… again, note the use of french by moi..

  4. jeff webb says:

    heather brings up a good point. cake is also made of the same basic ingredients as bread, but cake is definitely CAKE! i think we take vlad’s side in this one. sorry baby…

  5. I have to admit, I agree with Vlad. As both a bread and pastry lover (and baker), I consider them entirely different foods. I can see why you would consider croissants a type of bread – similar ingredients (with yeast and flour), they require proofing, baking, etc. And there are detailed instructions of how to make brioche and croissants in my bread book. So I can’t really describe why or how they are different, why croissants are not a subcategory of bread, it’s just a feeling in my gut. And congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

  6. Nidabe says:

    You’re in Paris ! (or was… not really sure) Well, ability to be there deserves agreeing that croissants aren’t really bread… lol. Actually… croissants are BETTER then some bread. You need to agree with that 😉 Au Revoir !

    • Hi Nidabe, out of all the comments I’ve received yours might be the only one that could convince me that croissants are not a variant of bread. You’re so right, they are so much better than plain old bread – they are on a whole new level!

  7. Ha ha! I found this post so funny. (I actually just found your blog off Freshly Pressed — congrats)

    I’m a Canadian so I can see where you’re coming from with the whole “bread” thing. But I think Vlad has good point, it probably belongs in the pastries category 🙂

  8. TBM says:

    I try to stay out of squabbles between couples. All I’ll say is I like them.

  9. In the United States I would consider croissants as bread because that’s how they are often categorized in a store AND are usually used as a substitute for sliced bread in some instances. However, if I am any where else in the world I do not think of it as bread. lol Congratulations on being freshly pressed! Love your blog. ❤ 🙂

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