A Moment of Gratitude

Before returning to regular programming, I’d just like to take a moment to thank the awesome people at WordPress for Freshly Pressing my post. What an amazing experience!

When I first started my blog, it was mainly for myself. Having a blog is a wonderful way to document a journey and reflect in a more concrete way on your experiences. I never imagined that my blog would become “popular” and gaining followers and likes was never a goal of my humble little blog.

Besides, I like solitude.

And yet I can’t deny that it’s always exciting to see that someone has liked a post, or commented on something that I wrote. When I logged on the first day of being Freshly Pressed and saw the number of views on my blog skyrocket, I was elated! Almost as elated as seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time…

Normally my readers hail from the US or France, but over the past 3 days my ‘Views by Country’ list has read like the UN General Assembly. I had views from Guam, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Mauritius and Iraq. The top 3 countries to view my blog were the normal offenders – the US, France, and Canada – but the big surprise was the 4th country to view my blog: Sri Lanka. In comparison with the populations of the other top countries, I’d say a pretty large percentage of Sri Lanka has read my blog by now. Hi Sri Lankans!

Honestly it blew my mind to think that people from all over the world were reading my own words. In truth, I felt validated. (I’ve always known deep down that the world needed,  longed, to hear my opinion…) But what amazed me more than the number of views was the number of comments. I couldn’t believe people felt compelled by what I wrote to share their own thoughts with me. Dialogue is certainly more rewarding than sitting in your little corner of the blogosphere writing to no one but yourself.

Me before being Freshly Pressed. It wasn’t so bad.

And even though all of you sided with Vlad in the croissant/bread debate, I forgive you.

I know that the majority of people who viewed my blog or even liked my post during the past 3 days were probably only one-timers, but to the people who liked my blog enough to press the ‘Follow’ button: Thank you and welcome. I promise I won’t let being Freshly Pressed go to my head.

Balzac and Moi: only 2 of the greatest writers of all time


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10 Responses to A Moment of Gratitude

  1. dmswriter says:

    Thanks for this blog – we plan on visiting Paris and other regions of France next year, and your posts are inspiration for me, and something to look forward to. Keep up the great work!

  2. amelie88 says:

    This is a bit random but have you visited the Musee de la Resistance et de la Deportation? I’ll be the first to admit the museum is really small and I don’t like the way the exhibits are laid out. However I interned there and translated all the panels of the museum into English for English speaking visitors. I lost touch with the people there and I’ve always wondered if they actually use the translations I’ve given them/hand them to English speaking visitors. The museum is free so if you ever happen to go there, let me know if my translations are being used! I like to think that they are.

    • Oh wow what a great internship! No I haven’t been there yet, I actually haven’t been to too many museums yet, although I have a lot on my list. I’ve seen the museum on the map and it is pretty far from everything, but if I have a free day I would love to stop by!

  3. Covetotop says:

    I’m a proud reader of Balzac and you 🙂

  4. Just Be. says:

    It’s crazy right? I find it slightly overwhelming. Congratulations! And can’t wait to read more 🙂

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