L’hôtel de Pierre

I stumbled across the Hotel de Pierre quite by accident during my wanderings around Carmes.

The facade was so stunning I had to do some research on this building.

Here are some quick facts I learned:

  1. The official name is L’hôtel de Bagis, but it’s popularly called hôtel de Pierre since it is one of the few stone buildings in Toulouse (the majority are red brick). “Pierre” means stone here and is not referring to a person.
  2. It was constructed in 1537!
  3. In 1608 the President of the Parliament bought the hotel and began work on the striking stone facade which gives the building its name. Apparently he was accused of using stones meant for the Pont Neuf…

I stood in front of the facade for a long time just taking it in. The building is not that large, but there were seemingly endless details.


I love the lions crouching above the doors!

This is what I love about Europe. In my state in the US, l’hôtel de Pierre would be a tourist attraction! But here, it’s just sitting quietly around the corner, waiting to be discovered.



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