Saint Sulpice

I have so many pictures piling up it’s hard to know what to post next, but at Vlad’s request I will be highlighting a beautiful church in Paris called Saint Sulpice. You may recognize the church from The Da Vinci Code.


The church in itself is beautiful, but to top that there is also an impressive fountain in front. The two combined create a breathtaking effect, one that is unfortunately hard to catch with a camera. Well, at least with my little camera.


Of course I learned this after visiting the church, but Victor Hugo was married here! Also the Marquis de Sade (he of Sadism) was baptized here. So there’s that.

The pulpit

The pulpit

The altar

Ceiling detail

Ceiling detail

The view from the church steps at night

The view from the church steps at night

It’s hard to say which is my favorite church in Paris, but Saint Sulpice is definitely one of the most beautiful and memorable.


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3 Responses to Saint Sulpice

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  2. I always liked this church. The ceiling inside has always struck me as one of the most beautiful in Paris, and to me it always has a smokey quality that I really respond to.

    And I especially love the square in front of the church. I often sit on one of the benches and stare at that fountain, just taking it all in and being thankful that I’m in Paris.

    Thanks for sharing!

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