Museum of the Middle Ages

Coming to France has really given me a new appreciation for the Middle Ages and a desire to learn more about the period. So to that end, last weekend I went to the Museum of the Middle Ages in Paris. The museum is housed in a beautiful Medieval building teeming with details.

The museum had a special exhibition on Medieval Croatia.






What perfect margins

After the Croatian pieces came the regular exhibitions, all interesting. My favorite pieces were the tapestries, perhaps because weaving tapestries by hand is something of a lost art.

Out of all the tapestries, paintings, sculptures, etc, the museum is best known for the collection of tapestries known as The Lady and The Unicorn. There are 5 pieces, kept in a dark room for preservation, with each pieces representing a different sense.

I can see how these pieces captured public interest and quickly became the highlight of the museum. They are exquisite. After viewing such masterpieces, the other tapestries were less impressive. The colors are vibrant, the shapes perfect. Standing in front of them is almost an otherworldly experience. The tapestries are simply ethereal.

Although the museum wasn’t as informative as I hoped, it did provide a glimpse into Medieval life and thought.


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9 Responses to Museum of the Middle Ages

  1. mistymidnite says:

    So cultured and beautiful…just love it ms. emily !!

  2. Mom says:

    Wow Emily!! Great pictures…thanks for taking me to this museum I wish Scott and I had seen.

  3. I was wondering, that photo with the gold hand and arm, what was it used for ? Curious.
    Also, are u fluent in French? Is it easier to get by in Paris if one knows English or Spanish or neither?? Thanks for the interesting post.

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