Churches of Toulouse Pt 6

It’s no secret that I like visiting and photographing old churches. One of my great pleasures here in Toulouse has been wandering around, spying a church, and ducking inside only to be met with awe-inspiring architecture and beautiful pieces of art. However there are also times when I spot a church and walk up to it, only to find it locked. And I fully embrace my identity as that person who will walk around the church pushing on every door until I am convinced that it really is closed.

The following are pictures of churches that I unfortunately could not enter.

Notre Dame de la Daurade


I actually did go inside this church, however due to a fire, the inside is extremely dark. It is also way too gaudy for my tastes so I didn’t feel compelled to take pictures. But the outside is certainly beautiful -a Greek temple facade (to the right) overlooking the Garonne river.

Église du Gésu


This church was one of the main reasons I went to Carmes. After finding it closed, I went home to Google the church to find its hours, whereupon I learned that it is actually no longer a church but the home of the Toulouse Organs association – a fitting location since the church has one of the most beautiful organs in Toulouse. Which I didn’t get to see!

Temple du Salin – the Protestant church of Toulouse

Chapelle des Carmelites

Chapelle des Carmelites

This is another one that I did actually go into (as you can see the door is wide open!), but photography is not allowed inside. This little chapel is worth sticking your head in, it used to be a convent and the ceilings and walls are covered in beautiful paintings. It’s like a miniature Sistine Chapel.

St Pierre des Cuisines

St Pierre des Cuisines

St Nicolas

St Nicolas


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8 Responses to Churches of Toulouse Pt 6

  1. jeffswebbj says:

    you can even make a “there’s nothing i can say about this” post interesting… 🙂

  2. amelie88 says:

    Have you been to Saint Etienne yet? My host family lives right by there, rue Ninau if you have ever been down that way!

    • I have! Of course the first time I didn’t have a camera with me, and now I’m waiting for my bf to come to Toulouse so I can use his fancy camera so I can do the cathedral justice!

  3. michelle says:

    I am enjoying your posts very much. One of my favorite churches was Notre Dame Le Grand in Poitiers. It was classic Romanesque style with Biblical figures and wild animals carved into its exterior. Inside it was colorful and complicated but its “gaudiness” was charming. The Sunday service was about to start and as my daughter and I left, a tiny little elderly man dressed in a white suit and a boater and carrying a hand-carved wooden cane tipped his hat to us and gave us a wide, friendly smile. I’ll never forget him and can still see him in my mind’s eye. If you get up to Poitiers, be sure to see this lovely church.

    • Thank you so much Michelle. Out of all my posts, the church ones I do just for myself more than the others, but I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying them! Notre Dame Le Grand sounds beautiful, and what a nice story you have to associate with it. Thank you again for your lovely comment 🙂

  4. TBM says:

    I’m a huge fan of visiting old churches. the better half always says when we leave for a trip, “How many churches are we seeing this time?”

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