Churches of Toulouse Pt 7

This post isn’t just any church post, this post will cover the Cathedral of Toulouse, St Etienne.

The cathedral is one of the most architecturally interesting buildings in Toulouse, as it is actually two incomplete churches joined together. Don’t ask me how that happened.

When you enter the church, you see the first sanctuary with the pulpit and altar, then behind to the left another sanctuary.

When we entered the cathedral this time I was at first disappointed to see some strange modern art installation at the first altar. However Vlad read the explanation and it turns out the church is in partnership with an organization that helps troubled youth at the high school across the street. The students that study art created this modern interpretation of the Nativity scene for the church.

The faceless Mary and Joseph are slightly unsettling, but knowing the story behind this Nativity makes it special.

This church has so many beautiful architectural lines and arches.

North Aisle

North Aisle

South Aisle

South Aisle

I couldn’t decide which picture of the organ is better, so I’m putting them both. It’s so big and so high up, perched on a little shelf; I was a little scared to stand under it! It’s certainly awe-inspiring.

I’ve been to many Medieval churches by this point, but the St Etienne Cathedral is by far one of the most unique.


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13 Responses to Churches of Toulouse Pt 7

  1. amelie88 says:

    Glad to see you finally wrote about St Etienne. Like I said, I used to live right up the street from this beautiful church. 😀

    • Yes I’ve been waiting ever since I saw it months ago, I just wanted to have the best pictures possible! I can’t believe you used to live so close, I love that part of Toulouse

  2. One of the great churches. Thanks, Emily, for this post, and your others. Have a great holiday (in France?).

  3. Mom says:

    Remember when we wanted to go back to St. Etienne for a second, longer look but a communist march prevented us? That led to a discovery of those lovely jardins.
    I still don’t see how the architects “hung” that impressive organ up there!

  4. Really beautiful photographs.

  5. Mary Lambe says:

    Something is either unique or not. So the phrase “one of the most unique” is not only grammatically incorrect but also illogical.

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