Announcements and Adventures

I thought that some of my followers from WordPress might like a little update on my life.

Well, I’m happy and excited to let everyone know that Vlad and I are now engaged! He proposed to me this Christmas while I was visiting him in Toulouse.


Proposal 2

Does the tower look familiar? It is the tower of Les Jacobins church. I never did go in the church’s courtyard while in Toulouse, so now I have finally seen it – although not in a way I ever imagined!

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11 Responses to Announcements and Adventures

  1. Renee' Bennett says:

    Wow Emily….so excited for you! Congrats to you both on your engagement. Keep the stories and pics coming…love seeing the sights through your eyes since I can’t go there too.

  2. amelie88 says:

    First off congrats on the engagement! I think Toulouse is such a romantic city to be proposed to in so I approve of your fiance’s choice of city. And I’m so excited to see you are blogging again and living in Poland. I will have to update the address in my blogroll! Remind me to do that…

  3. dmswriter says:

    Congratulations! I’m happy for you, and looking forward to hearing more about your adventures in Poland. I thought of you before we left for Paris last September, and used ideas from your blog as we chose places to visit.

    • Oh really? I’m so happy to hear you did that!

      • dmswriter says:

        Yes, especially your post about Sainte-Chapelle, and the beautiful photos. While I regret to say we didn’t make it into that cathedral (lines were terribly long that day) we did waltz right into Notre Dame. Interestingly, I was almost more captivated by the apartment building across the street from ND. Many of the wrought iron railings had flowers on them, and the apartments looked so pretty. I imagined myself living right next door to ND! Enjoy Poland!

  4. Angelica B. says:

    Congratulations! I often use your blog for recommendations too. I don’t know where you plan to settle, but I can offer a lot of previous experience if you need any help navigating the French marriage / immigration system in Toulouse! Good luck and prosperity together!

    • Thanks so much! I will actually move to Paris after we get married, and I do have quite a few questions regarding immigration. May I email you?

      • Angelica B. says:

        Yes, of course, please e-mail any questions about anything at all. I had to figure out many things the hard way with nightmarish French bureaucracy, I’d be happy to offer some help to you to avoid some headaches!

  5. LaVagabonde says:

    Hey Stranger, so nice to see an update after all this time, though it seems to have slipped through my Reader. Congratulations! The first photo of you both is so beautiful.

  6. Oh yay!!!! I’m 6 months behind the times (goodness gracious) but I am so happy!!!!!!!

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