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The Mysterious Port-a-potties

So, I’m back. After being sick and then 4 days in Paris when my laptop decided it no longer wanted to support Vlad’s internet, I am finally going to post something. I can’t wait to show you the amazing photos … Continue reading

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The Age Old Question

In this post I’m going to tackle the age old question – are croissants bread? It all started like this: I’m in Paris this weekend, and every time I’m in Paris Vlad goes to the neighborhood boulangerie across the street to buy … Continue reading

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The Suburbs Theory

Believe it or not, not all French people live in country chateaus or tiny (but charming!) garrets in Paris. Just like in the US, a large portion of the population lives in the suburbs. During my stay, I’m living in a suburb … Continue reading

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All Saint’s Day

Today is Toussaint, or All Saint’s Day, which honors the passing of all saints. In English, the day can also be called All Hallows (which is why yesterday is called “Halloween”, from Hallow’s Eve). In France, All Saint’s Day is a … Continue reading

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Food in the South of France

I’ve decided to dedicate a whole post to what I normally eat here in France. People have asked me about it and I’m sure people who have never been to France are curious; after all, French cuisine is supposed to … Continue reading

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Small Differences

Disclaimer: This cultural difference is very small and barely worth mentioning. However I’m confronted with it every meal, so I notice it repeatedly throughout the day. Some of you may not find this interesting. It’s the small differences between what … Continue reading

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